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Self-Surveillance, Self-Objectification:
Translating Adolescence

Working with a population that is quite literally going through a physical metamorphosis is a sensitive topic of exploration. The hyper-awareness adolescent girls have related to their physical changes is now subject to the hyperactive self-surveillance tactics they impose on their everyday lives and broadcast daily through social media channels.

The contemporary population has embraced digital media as a tool for validation and experimentation in adopting media representations of what it means to be a girl.

Much has been written about the self-surveillance and self-objectifications that pre-teens and teens are experiencing while consuming a heavy diet of fantasized and consumerized beauty standards and what it means to perform gender. There is no shortage of research on the alarming trends of the dire consequences that this Western media diet has had on young girls transitioning into women. As I mention in my blog, they are blinded by "beauty."

For me, this is personal. I have two daughters navigating adolescents along with several nieces currently traversing this media wilderness. My current work is an exploration using art to interrupt the passive consumption of media and invoke critical reflection into the conversation.

Deborah Dudley